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Is it theoretically possible to upgrade an AMD Athlon XP-M 1700+ in a Fujitsu Lifebook S2010 to say a 2200+?

Not that I actually plan to go to the trouble or could even find the processor, but I'm wondering if it could just be dropped into the slot in place of the old one. I found the article comparing the s2010 and the S6010 (which shows the computers apart) but it does not make mention of how the processor is seated. Also, I don't know if the new Faster XP-Ms are interchangeable.


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  1. heya Jason:

    For some reason i was thinking the CPU is permanent in a laptop or notebook, soldered on some how, i know the graphics card is for sure, so im guessing the CPU is also...i could be wrong, get another oppinion, do any of you guys know for sure that can tell him?

  2. Yeah - having a nice socket would take up space in the laptop, so even if there <i>is</i> a socket, it will <i>definitely</i> not be a nice ZIF thingy - but it's probably soldered on, as Xeen' said...

    Plus of course you usually can't do much with the BIOS on a Laptop, so setting up the right multiplier/FSB/etc (if necessary) would also be a pain.

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
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