Help, some keys type numbers instead of letters.

My wife has a Sony VIO Lap TOP with Windows 7 Home Premium. She had it since Christmas but recently several keys have started type as numbers or symbols instead of the letters they're supposed to be typing?
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  1. Is her Num Lock on? On most laptops, they have a number pad embedded within the normal letter keyboard, so if her Num Lock is on, she's hitting the numpad instead of the letters.

    To turn it off, find the proper Fn+[Key] combo to disable Num Lock.
  2. I've just had that problem and it's taken an age to change back. As above, but also hold down the key next to the Fn key (dell laptop) - so, Fn + key on it's right hand side + Num Lk at top of the keyboard - that clears it (as this post proves!)
  3. Solved! Just press fn + num lk . It worked for me. Good luck.
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