Crap 3D mark score on P4 3Ghz (800) Help!!!

Hi i just bought a new computer, the specs are :

P4 3 Ghz 800Fsb
P4c800 Deluxe Mb
Powercolour Radeon 9800 Pro
2 x 512mb Kingston 3200
DvD Rom
Sony DW-u10a (500a)
2 x 120Gb Seagate Harddisks

Ok, so the score i got in 3d Mark 2001 is 14500 + or - , from other tests i've seen people run i feel my machine is not running to its full potential. I have not overclocked anything!

Please give me ideas on how to improve this score.
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  1. Might wanna check ram timings and make sure they're at a good speed (2-3-2-6-T1). Check temp and be sure the heat sink is properly seated with thermal paste or thermal pad or whatever and the processor isn't throttleing down the speed.

  2. Ok, how do i check my ram timings?
    The heatsink is looks like its properly seated!
    I dont know if it has thermal paste/pad as store built it!
    CPU Temp = 40c (This under min load i.e using internet only)
    Motherboard Temp = 38c

    I live in a very hot place in europe so its natural for me to have temps a bit high.

    Any other suggestions?
  3. That a heck of a computer.Most score that are submite are best result with best timing and setting.

    I dont like french test
  4. not a bad score. keep updating your video drivers, BIOS, and AGP/IDE drivers
  5. Hi , thanks for all the replies, below is the shortcut to my results. If anyone who sees my results and setup notices i got something wrong please let me know.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by chokes on 07/03/03 11:00 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  6. that sounds to me a good score..I don't see sth wrong
  7. Looks like your running in 1x agp or not even in agp mode. Install agp drivers for motherboard, then direct x then 3d card drivers!

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  8. That is NOT a good score for a 3gig 800fsb P4. He should not accept anything less than 17,500 3d marks!!!!!!

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  9. Yes i realised in the 3d mark test that under agp it said none. Then again if i go to the advanced settings on me graphics card , under smartgart it says current agp speed = 8x. Is there any way i can check this?
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