sidewinder wheel prob

Hi guys
was wondering if u could help me with this one
after spending a lot of time on it.
i can't configure my sidewinder force feedback wheel(microsoft-serial connection)
when i connect it, win xp sees it and installs it but when
i hit properties to calibrate it, an error message appear saying that
"the controller is not connected correctedly. Please verify that is plugged
in your pc". I email support at easports(f1-2002 game)and told me i needed to upgrade my drivers.
spoke to creative representative but no luck there either (they got me to remove my pc-dvd dvx3 encore card).
Also i get scratchy or skipping when i play an audio cd with any software player (creative playcenter, wmplayer etc).
i recently format my pc and re-installed everything, audio cd ok for a while, but no skippy again.
also trouble sometimes configuring nvidia wdm video capture drive with adobe premiere 6.01. (might be related)
No conflict in system info or device manger, every test ok
i upgraded nvidia drivers (30.something); got the latest creative driver from their CD; bios 1011(latest);
via drivers latest (4in1442v(a)p2)
tried the same with win98 and it works

I wonder if the mobo is a problem since i am experiencing some weird
things like high cpu temp no keyboard detected, speech reporter never worked, sometimes system hangs altogether
This is my system
Win XP Professional
amd 2100+ xp CPU
512 DDR memory 2 sticks
geforce 4 ti 4600 gainward analog out, in, firewire
creative sound blaster live player 5.1
creative dvd-rom
mitsumi cd-rw
ASUS motherboard a7v333 raid (usb 2.0 installed; on-board sound disabled)
2 40gb hD raid stripe installed
intel v.92 modem internal
usb scanner and printer
If required can send u dxdiag file with all my system config

don't know what to do anymore, thanx in advance
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  1. I have a sidewinder 2, usb.

    Back when I was searching for drivers on the web, and very quickly found out there are nun and the only hope I had was to find that cdrom (yipe!), I vaguely remember something about a driver patch for force feedback and serial connections.

    Look around. Other than that, you might try completely disconnecting the cable, and with a small piece of 20 gauge wire, just short out pins on the joystick. That depletes any residual capacitance. It'd tell you to drop it 5 or 6 times on the ground from as high as you can reach, but I think that only worked on mission computers. Not joysticks.

    O-level calibration, baby!!

    P@ll4dium f0r L1f3!
  2. I have a Microsoft Force Feedback wheel that works fine on XP. Don't use the sidewinder software, it's not compatible with XP. Just Plug and Play. There's really no need to calibrate your wheel in the control panel it will run just fine.

    Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it.
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