GA-7DXR and Athlon 2600+

Hi, I just bought an AMD Athlon 2600+ 266 FSB and I'm having trouble getting it to work. First, here are my system specs:

Gigabyte GA-7DXR w/F10a bios update
256 megs Micron 2100 DDR RAM
Xtasy GeForce 4 Ti 4200
60 gig ATA 100 7200 RPM Maxtor Hard Drive
Soundblaster Live! Value
Windows XP Professional w/SP 1a
300 watt power supply
2x80 mm system fans
1x40 mm chipset fan
1x60 mm CPU fan

I have my motherboard set to 133 system speed, 133 cpu clock, and Auto detect for the multiplier. Whenever I try to start the computer with the 2600 in, the power comes on, but the machine doesn't boot up. Also, my power LED doesn't lite up at all, but my hard drive LED just comes on and stays on. It also doesn't make any beep codes, just comes on. I switched it out again with my old 1.4 Athlon and it comes on just fine and runs just fine. Is it possible the CPU is damaged or are there some settings I can change to get it working? There's no physical damage to the CPU (that I can see) and I've had it hooked up to a huge copper heatsink so I know it hasn't overheated. Any suggestions?


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  1. the 2600 uses a 166mhz fsb...
  2. the xp2600 comes in 2 flavours.. 166fsb and 133fsb.
    the 133fsb runs at 2.17?MHz while the 166fsb part runs at 2.083MHz.
    have you checked with gigabyte website that the 7dxr can support the 2600+? it may not have the correct multiplier or voltage
  3. That mobo is suppost to support the 2600 on 133mhz bus. I know i had that board. Bad cpu maybe?

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  4. sounds like either mobo or cpu and you say the mobo works with the 1.4.
    best guess is that it didnt autodetect the correct voltage level for the 2600+ and may? have damaged it.
    try resetting the bios. there should be a jumper on the mobo to do that
  5. Hey dude, did you solved the problem at the end?
    Because I am right now stuck with the same probem ...
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