SQM Files in Windows 7 Temp Folder

Windows 7:
Computer\Local Disk C:\Windows\Temp Folder
Have a series of SQM extension files
fwtsqmfile00.sqm to fwtsqmfile19.sqm

Have looked at various Google articles:
Some have mentioned that these files are associated with Windows Live or Windows Messenger. I have entered Windows Live or Windows Messenger in Start (Search programs & files) & have not found them.
I have looked under Turn Windows Features On & Off. Still have not found Windows Messenger.
Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Anything in a temp folder should be safe to delete. If the file is in use, it should tell you so when you try to delete it.

    This article makes it sound like it from windows customer experience program. Turn it off and see if it helps.

  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I was able to turn off the Windows Customer Experience Program. I will wait a while before I delete the sqm files from the temp folder in question. I will then see if they come back or not.
    Again thank you for your assistance with this issue.
  3. I've had the customer experience program cause other issues for me in the past, so now I just disable it whenever I find a computer with it turned on.
  4. On our last set of messages: I was able to disable Microsoft Customer Improvement Experience. As a result: the fwtsqmfile00.sqm had temporarily stopped appearing under Computer\Windows\Temp. I thought that I was out of the woods until this morning. The fwtsqmfile00.sqm have come back. I double checked to make sure the Microsoft Customer Improvement Experience was actually disabled & it was.
    Do you have any other suggestions: Again I do not have MSN or Microsoft / Windows Messenger installed on this computer.
    Plus: do you as a tech savvy individual occasionally delete recurring temp files & folders from your hard drive.
    Thank you for any help & assistance that you might be able to offer me.
  5. Sorry, no more suggestions for this one. As for my temp folders, the safest way is to just run disk cleanup once a month or so and make sure the temp files is checked off. For your browser, you may want to have it clear it's cache now and then, especially if it's set to use up a large amount of space. Again, I usually do this monthly, but you can do these as often as you feel is necessary.
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