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So I'm replacing my 6 year old mouse/keyboard wireless MX duo I had from logitech with a newer set.

I would call myself a gamer in general, though I do so casually. That is, I play lots of games (RPGs, FPS, etc) but I don't play counterstrike or MW4 and worry about my k/d ratio or anything like that. I guess you could call me a non-competitive hardcore gamer. At the same time, I play a lot of MUDs and write a lot of papers and code and need the keyboard to be comfortable for typing too.

I was initially looking at the MK710 combo that just came out that uses the MK700 keyboard and the MK705 mouse, I believe. It has the incurve keys on the keyboard, the unity wireless receiver, and supposedly 3 year battery life. Most of the reviews are pretty decent.

However, today on Slickdeals I saw that they had the G11 dented box for 30 dollars, usually 70. Looking at that, and then pairing that with a G500 mouse looked very attractive, for a total of around 130. Unfortunately, the G11 was all out of stock, so I wasn't able to grab it.

I'm currently using a 9 dollar GE super basic keyboard from walmart and it has somewhat low-profile keys like I imagine the incurve keys to have and I'm not positive I like it. I type fine on my laptop, though, so maybe it's not an issue. At the same time, I was never a huge fan of the clacky old IBM keyboards, either. It was satisfying, but when your wife is trying to sleep on the other side of the wall from your computer, it is just too much.

Any of you used any of these and have any advice on what combo I should be using?
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