Alienware AW2310 or HP ZR24W or SAMSUNG XL2370-1

Looking to move up from an old Dell 20" 2001FP. My uses are mostly MMO gaming, web surfing, and casual photo/video (pictures of the kid for the extended family). I'd like reasonable color fidelity and response time in something in the 22-24" range.

I went to TFT Central and they suggested either:

Alienware AW2310 ($374 w/incentives)


HP ZR24W ($387 w/corp discount)

After trolling these forums it seems like this might be a reasonable option as well:

SAMSUNG XL2370-1 ($299)

Any input as to what would serve me best?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. A new monitor is in the running. Just announced:

    Dell U2311H
  2. I'm loving my HP ZR24W. Check this thread out for some good info and opinions.
  3. How is it for movies? There is a comment on Amazon that says DVDs played from a PS3 are stretched in 1080p.
  4. I just got a couple of Dell U2311U's and really like them. Here's more info and some photos:
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