VLC Player Sound Problems

Hi. Need a little advice regarding VLC player. When playing a file (avi, mp3, dvd etc) the sound is very stuttery and jumpy. Just started doing this recently. If I use Media Player Classic or Windows Media Player the sound is fine. I like VLC Player so can anyone give me some advice as to why this could be happening. Cheers
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  1. sure..
    it COULD be there is a need for extra buffering to prevent the stuttering.

    you should have a look at the audio settings to make sure there isnt anything unnecessary selected.

    perhaps you could change the method that the audio is being output from the player.

    obviously your computer is capable of playing the audio without stutter since other programs dont do it.

    sounds like you have an audio connection that is able to be corrupted by other programs running in the background.
    maybe somebody adjusted the audio settings without your knowledge.

    do you live alone?
    have you changed any settings?
    what are your current output settings?
    what special features do you have selected?
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