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I purchased a Nikon CoolScan LS-10E 35mm slide scanner.
It is expected to be a SCSI attached device. I believe this came out when during the Windows 95 days. I have a Windows 2000, Window XP and Windows 7 machine to work with. i would really like to use it with the Windows 7 but I am not sure it will be possible or cost worth to convert USB to SCSI. I do have a SCSI card I installed on my Windows 2000 machine but I guess I need to find drivers for that because it doesn't look like my system recognized the hardware automatically.

I am searching for the CoolScan drivers online.

Is it even a possibility to get this thing working on a Windows 2000, XP or 7 machine?

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  1. USB to SCSI may not work -- some Nikon models explicitly state that they must be directly plugged into a SCSI card.

    Once you locate (presumably) Adaptec drivers for Win7 (or XP if you can run XP within Win7), I would redirect your search to Vuescan and Silverfast -- third party scanner software which will drive most scanner models.
  2. I have succesfully used a Coolscan III on windows 7.
    Using Vuescan and a Castlewood ORB USB smart card ( SCSI to USB Adaptor).
    Plugging the connected USB into my machine Windows 7 found the drivers and it worked.

    The only Problem is after dismounting the USB I get an error and all USB ports refuse to work untill a reboot, but thats a small price to pay for a usable Coolscan III.
  3. I have just got an LS-10E working under XP. :bounce:

    I connected it to old Adaptec AVA-2904 SCSI, (which XP actually thinks is an AIC 7850 but it doesn't seem to matter) and downloaded the Adaptec Aspi stuff for XP.

    Then I got the demo version of Vuescan and - hey I can scan.

    May have to spend $40 to get the licensed version of Vuescan but at least I know the LS-10 works.

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