Asus G50v Backlight problem

I have an Asus G50v and when I boot up the screen is black. If I put an external monitor to it I can see the screen perfectly fine. But when I go back to the laptop screen even though it is black to the eye if I shine a flashlight on the front of the screen I can see the bios text and I can enter CMOS setup and see the text.

I reseated the LVDS cable from the screen to the MB but that did not help. So I'm wondering if it is the screen backlight, and how can I test or fix this?
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  1. It could be the screen itself or a bad inverter. I don't suspect it is the inverter though, seeing that you can see text on the screen with a flashlight. How old is the machine? Your best bet to figure out the problem would be to contact Asus support, maybe they can narrow it down. If it is still under warranty, send it in. If not, take a look around for a new screen, as you could probably find one for fairly cheap.
  2. Thanks.
  3. I had the same issue, though the screen went out over time. it started flickering off until I hit F7 to cycle the screen. If would flicker on but then shut off again. Over time it wouldn't work at all unless I set the brightness lower, but over time it did nothing at all except split second flickering.
    I discovered that it was the CCFL tube.
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