Asus or Intel???

Sorry for posting this here, but this gets the most hits. i am building a new gaming system and was needing some help with motherboard selection. Should I go with Intel 875 or Asus p4C800 deluxe (not the E). I would go with the Asus but I read that it doesn't use the ICH 5 controller and it might slow stuff down. How much of a difference will it make? I just want to get the best performance possible. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Quote for THG for 875 motherboards:

Asus also omits the RAID controller in the Southbridge, and uses a Promise PDC20378 instead, which offers both IDE-RAID and Serial-ATA RAID. On the one hand, this saves costs of around three dollars (in quantities of 1000); on the other hand, the external chip is considerably slower than the integrated Intel ICH5 controller. Details are provided in our Storage Guide.

other stuff I am getting: P4 2.8, WD raptors (raid 0), Ati 9800 pro, 1 gig pc3200 corsair xms, SB Audigy 2
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  1. IMO go with the Asus. Do you plan on over clocking your Cpu?
  2. I don't plan on overclocking for now at least because the speed is fast as it is. When the processor speed is needed I might. So I guess Asus might be better, hope that the ICH 5 controller issue won't slow it down too much.
  3. Have u considered any other make? Abit? MSI? their boards are good too and they dont use the promise RAID. and come with some good stuff that u may not find in the INtel boards. just my thot....

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  4. The company ABS doesn't carry them, so I am left between intel and asus p4c 800. I guess i will go with asus. Thanks.
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