Sony TV KDL-37M3000 HDMI input is sketchy

sony 37" TV KDL-37M3000 problem - HDMI input 1 turns TV image scratchy, then seems to reconnect, display says HDMI 1. It keeps interrupting the show we watch. Changed input to HDMI 2 and it lasts much longer until it scratches out for a couple seconds. Any ideas? When input is changed to S-video input is fine. Just bought the TV used. I'm concerned I've bought a lemon.
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  1. to verify it is the hdmi ports....

    connect another hdmi device (like a blueray player or dvd player) and see if the same problem persists.

    if yes, its probably the tv ports or cable. if you can, swap out the cables to see if you get an improvement. if not then its not the cables.
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