No Picture from Onkyo TX-NR609 receiver

I just set up my new Onkyo receiver for my home theatre. It worked fine briefly, had the Blu Ray running, Xbox working, but then the picture stopped and my Samsung TV is saying no signal or resolution setting is wrong. What happened. We did swap over a HDMI lead with power on, could i have shorted something??
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  1. Its unlikely that your shorted anything out, obviously (not to be insulting) check your inputs and make sure they all match up. Check the resolution settings with the Onkyo OSD (on screen display) menu and make sure they are set to a resolution your TV can accept or else you will not get a picture. Some components require the use of 1.2 or higher HDMI cables, esp with a newer blu-ray player.

    But if the only thing you changed was the addition of the Onkyo then I would check the sittings within that, and make sure your TV is set to the right input!

    Good luck!!
  2. Thanks
  3. It was a faulty AMP. Got a new one and all is OK
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