What performance should I be getting from a P4 2.4(800) on a 875P Chipset board, 1GB RAM with a Ti 4200 4x AGP Card?
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  1. good performance, are you not going to say anything about competitive performance against a amd athlon xp and ati radeon.
  2. Well, umm i was asking to see if my machine is doin what it is sopposed to be doin with that current config.
    I had a AMD for 2 Years and it was not all that bad, just heat problems, so i went back to intel, and my P4 it seems is as good as got old THG say it is.

    just didnt notice that big of an improvement, so now im thinking there might be something wrong with what i got thats all :-)
  3. Depends on what your old AMD system was. general windows-usage wise, you'd probably not notice much difference between an Athlon XP2000+ with DDR266 RAM, and a P4 2.4C w/ DDR400....

    Diff. would only really be noticeable in fairly recent games, and video rendering etc - depending on the video cards of course.

    If you were comparing benchmarks, you'd probably notice a fair increase, but it wouldn't 'feel' much faster in windows if you were just typing letters and playing tetris.

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  4. I did see a margin, but i was just wondering if what im getting is what i should be getting or is there more in there i dont know about? hence why i asked For what performance i should be getting to to compere resaults with what im getting, maybe someone out there with the same config can shine some light in my dark end here :-)

    PS: In case you didnt get it P4 2.40c 800FSB, Dual DDR 400 512MB x2, 875P Chipset and a Ti 4200 128MB 4x AGP card.
  5. Well, in <A HREF="" target="_new">Tom's VGA Charts</A> a P4 3.06 (533FSB) with a Ti4200 128Mb card scores 11754 in 3dMark 2001SE. I'd assume yours should be very near this, because:
    a)your system is a 'C' P4, so RAM&FSB are 200Mhz not 133 like the 3.06
    b)3dMark is more the graphics card than anything else....

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  6. Why dont you just tell us your performance (3dmark 2001 score) and then we'll tell you if its about right or not. You can't expect us to know exactly what performance you get, that can vary greatly even if the hardware is the same.

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  7. Well my score is 11935 3D 2001 Marks and 3195 3D 2003 Marks
  8. sounds fine. slightly higher than I would have guessed at, actually (I prolly would have said around 11500, based on the example I linked to above.)

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