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Just recently was doing some additional overclocking on my PC and had this happening just now. Whenever I resume my session out of sleep mode by hitting either a key on my keyboard or mouse, my PC fires up, but the display doesn't come back, almost as if I had pulled out the cable from the monitor. The PC is running normally as this is going on, and the only way for me to get my display back is to do a hard reset. Any ideas? I've gone back to stock clock speeds as well to rule that out, and BIOS and graphics drivers were just updated.

Q6600 HD6850 8GB DDR2 Gigabyte EP35-DS3L Win 7 64 bit
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  1. Ehh, I almost think this is a Windows issue, as I have experienced it myself and seen it across a variety of MOBO's. Did you try making sure Windows is up to date? I don't recall doing anything specific to fix the issue for myself, it just started working again, but there may have been a Windows update in between that I did not notice.
  2. Yeah coincidentally, there was an update a day ago, didn't address the issue at all though. It's bizarre because it was going in and out of sleep normally while I was overclocking, and even for a couple days after I finished, before it started doing this.
  3. On many Mobos, enabling PLL Overvoltage when doing heavy overclocking often causes this issue. Try turning this feature off if you have it (might also mean you'll have to lower the OC a tad bit to get your system stable, or maybe it won't affect it, you never know).
  4. I did not OC or one way or the other do anything out of the way. WIndows 7 updated. Downloaded drivers from Radeon and installed, changed monitors (HannsGiF251 25"FLST to HP19" Standard flat panel. changed ports hdmi=> DVI) No avail. SOLUTION ANYONE? NOT JUST (UPDATE ALL DRIVERS, CHANGE yourMOBO type of "throw the damn kitchen sink at it sort of solution?2 other acquaintances with same problem.
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