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I am just about to make a duel boot system and im am finding it difficult to understand partitioning. If someone could tell me ho to install win XP and red hat linux on i would be great full.

Something i need to know are how to use fdisk properly to make a partition for linux like which one is it primary DOS etc?

Or if someone could gmme a step by step guide on how to do it. or if there is another link about it to tell me plz.

thanks guys
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  1. I think that the latest LINUX installer will do the "partionnning job" automatically during the installation.

    I don't think you need to mess with partionning... If I was you, I would create a partition for WinXP and leave the rest of my hard disk empty. I would let the LINUX installer use this free space to build and arrange the partition(s) it needs to run the OS!

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  2. So what just cre8 a primary partition that occupies X% of space and then install XP then install linux?
  3. Basically, Yes!
    I would do that this way!

    1. FDISK to x%
    2. Install WinXP on this partition
    3. Run LINUX and installer and let it do the job!

    NOTE : Linux use LILO (I think it's short for "Linux Loader"). LILO is the MULTI-OS loader for Linux. On the system starts it will prompte you for LINUX/WinXP boot!

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  4. Ok thanks for the help
  5. Wait! Are the problems with linux dual booting with an NTFS partition resolved?
  6. NTSF?
  7. Quote:
    Wait! Are the problems with linux dual booting with an NTFS partition resolved?

    I'd imagine so. I've got Mandrake 9.0 and XP Pro using NTFS both booting happily from the same hard drive on a machine in my office. If there was a problem I think I'd have run into it by now, no? :)

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  8. ok after reading some post from various site i have come to the conclusion of having a

    20 gig partition for windows
    4.5 gig partition for linux
    500MB partition for swap files
    and 55 gigs for data like mp3z/movies ect.

    now i know i have to install windows first as otherwise it will override the master boot disk and only load windows, i also know that i can just make my 55gig partition fat32 as it is read/write by btoh linux and windows. Howeva i dunno what to make the partitions like should windows be a primary partition.
    Linux should be a EXT DOS partion? then have logiclal partitions in that being the accuraly linus 4.5 gig partition/ the 500 m partition and the rest as the data partition.

    That bring me to another question do i have to cre8 the swap file or will red hat do it on installation?

    Also i have partition magic but i havent used it as of yet

    thanks for your helps guys and yes i have been looking though various tech sites.
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