40"-50" PC Gaming Monitor - Need Suggestions!

Hello all,

I will be getting a new PC soon and plan on upgrading my monitor at the same time. I have done a fair bit of searching on places like newegg, but cannot seem to find the right one. I am looking for something in the 40-50" range, with a 120Hz refresh rate and no more than 6ms response time if possible. While there are several on most sights that meet those specifications, none seem to have Dual Link DVI or Display Port connectivity which, from what I have read, is essential if you want to get the full 120Hz from your computer (since HDMI will not support 120Hz at 1080p). As far as price goes, I can be somewhat flexible, but would like to keep it as close to $500 as possible (but going up $100 or so is not a big deal if it will get me a better monitor). Any suggestions are very welcome!!!

Thank you all for looking
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  1. i do not believe any television offers dual-dvi link. televisions use hdmi almost exclusively now except for a few component inputs. if you require dual-dvi then get a pc monitor tn panel (but tn panels suck!)

    40" to 50" and at $500? you might want to raise that budget a bit if you want anything of quality. for $650 you could get a 46" sony led backlit lcd 60hz. getting a vizio, olevia, or other cheap brand is often a bad choice if you want it to last a long time.

    why do you want 120hz so badly? i would only suggest it if you want 3d. if you do not then its not really needed. i use a 60hz older television for a gaming monitor and it works flawlessly.

    not 100% sure about how the new tvs do 120/240hz but it think the processing is on the televisions main board. you might be right about hdmi not supporting 120hz but i'd have to research that myself.
  2. I have checked several places, and all seem to be in agreement that 1080p @120Hz exceeds the bandwidth limitations of HDMI (720p @120Hz will work however). I am still searching, but coming up empty handed. The question that arises is, if all the new monitors coming out are 120Hz+ and only have HDMI ports, and assuming what I have found in my searches about HDMI and 120Hz incompatibility is correct, how exactly do they expect their users to get the full 120Hz out of it? This leads me to believe there is something I am missing. I want 120Hz because many people say the difference is noticeable in fast moving games, but it may not be an option since I cannot find any TVs with proper ports.
  3. I have found out that these TVs take 60Hz signals and add interpolation to create a 120Hz signal. Obviously this will add lag, so my goal now is to find a TV with extremely low input lag while the image processing is turned off. Anyone have suggestions?
  4. i will have to remember what you found out about the cables. makes sense about the 120hz signal being 60hz interpolation though. yes, i've heard 120hz mode on new tvs causes lag when used as a monitor. you might have to revert to pc mode or 60hz mode.

    as far as the difference between 120hz and 60hz being noticible...it depends. some people do claim that things look smooth, but others like myself see very little (if any) improvement. certainly not enough for all the hype. i've played the fastest paced games you can on 60hz and it has all looked perfectly smooth to me.. not sure how much faster paced you can get than a 200% speedup fps game with bots set to godlike.

    but to each their own. perhaps you will be one of the people who notices a difference. go to a local store and look for yourself though.

    as far as getting it to work...if you want 120hz from a pc...you would be better off with a dual-dvi monitor if you want the easy way out. however, they are TN panels so suck in image quality compared to other options (non 120hz) that are available.
  5. Unfortunately, I may not have a choice in the matter. I cannot find a 120Hz TV that has acceptable input lag, even while in game mode. It seems that since it has to convert the signal to 120Hz either way (either by adding new frames via interpolation, or by repeating frames if interpolation is turned off) you get an inherent amount of input lag, which will turn me away from 120Hz, likely just pushing me in the direction of 2 small computer monitor sized screens. While I would love a large 120Hz monitor, I can't find one with minimal input lag. If anyone has suggestions on a good 37"+ screen please post them here!
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