P4C vs AMD

im just curious what would the the same speed AMD chip to a 2.4gHz P4 with 800fbs.

im just guessing but id say around 3000+XP?
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  1. prolly 2600+ - 3000+ depending on what exactly you're comparing. prolly 2800+ would be on average about the same.

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  2. the barton at 3200+ is only 2.20GHz,
    maybe 3600+ or higher.
  3. Everyone knows that clock for clock the Athlons do more instructions per second. What's in doubt is the accuracy of how large that clock for clock advantage is! And ChipDeath was right, a 2.4C would compare to an XP 2800+.

    Of course we assume that by speed PunJab meant performance. If he meant true clock speed, your answer would be more accurate. But it's less likely that he meant clockspeed than performance.

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