Logitech G19 and Razer DeathAdder

I'm thinkin' about getting these...

Logitech G19



Razer DeathAdder


Also, one of these...

Steelseries QcK+ Heavy


Good reviews for all. They will be replacing a LiteOn standard ($7) keyboard, a Microsoft roller ball PS/2 mouse (at LEAST ten years old), and a Disney Software Mickey Mouse mouse pad (also, at LEAST ten years old that came with some games that were on a 5.25" floppy disk lol).

Also, I'm gonna order one of these, but that's slightly off-topic. :na:


Plus, a shload of ammunition, but that's also off-topic. lol

Anyhow, what do ya'll think?

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  1. Here are my opinions since I have a used a lot of peripherals over the years.

    Logitech G19 is useless. I have a G15 and I would know. You just don't have time to look at the screen when in game nor does it display anything useful. Get the G110, the keys are good and the color backlight is awesome.

    The DeathAdder is an optical mouse. People use laser now. Get a Razer Imperator or a G500 or G9.

    the steelseries QcK is not that great. I have one, not much different from non brand name cloth pads, the razers are about the same.

    Get a steelseries I2 glass mouse pad. Your mouse would glide on it like an air table. Come to think about it. Why don't they make air tables for mice. Thats a crazy idea except it would be loud and your mouse would probably float away when your not holding it but for gaming it would be illegally smooth.
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