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I run all my games in 16 bit color. I feel there isn't much difference and puts less stress on the card. I have a gf2 Ultra.
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  1. 32-bit all the way.

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  2. I'll have to try 32 bit out on line with UT and see if it makes any difference, performance wise.
  3. can't stand 16-bit. Too few colors.

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  4. That card is meant for 32 bit. You might as well have bought an old voodoo card if you only want 16 bit.

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  5. The only reason I had it at 16 bit, because I figured that could be the difference between winning and losing with UT.
    With a quick check at
    1024-768 res.
    16 bit 128 fps
    32 bit 148 fps

    My math is not the greatest, but I figure a difference of about 9%.

    I tested UT in a rocket aria with 16 boots, with 16 and 32 bit.
    16 bit 17 kills
    32 bit 16 kills
    So yes it makes a difference. Hehe joking with that example. I did notice a little difference, not much and that was under extreme circumstances. On the Net might make more difference.

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  6. Too few colors--LOL. I also run all my games in 16 bit mode. I much prefer higher resolutions and the cool special effects to higher bit depth. I have smooth gameplay at 1024x768 16bit. At 32 bit I have to lower the resolution on my Geforce2 GTS card or it becomes choppy when the action gets hot. LAG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    The reason I got a Geforce3 card was to up the resolution and turn on ALL the special effects, not the bit depth. Of course, all the games I play were only drawn in 16 bit color. What games are you guys playing that were really DRAWN in 32 bit color?

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  7. Renegade, Max Payne, Giants, Warcraft 3 beta, and Independence War: Edge of Chaos all look significantly better in 32bit on a geforce 4TI and they actually run faster in 32 bit for me...of the wacky ass things...
  8. What if you took a new unseen game and hooked it to 2 identical sys, one at 16bit, other at 32bit and have people vote on which is which. That would be the ultimate truth test to this issue! My opinion only.
  9. roflmao!

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  10. What is roflm something?
    Anyway perhaps my explanation is not clear?
  11. ROFLMAO- rolling oin floor laughing my ass off. It's your name that cracks me up. hehe

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  12. I'd love to...just send me an identicle computer to the one i have and a beta i've never seen a screenshot of....hehe
  13. I took a couple snaps shots while playing Nascar 4 at the same location. Using 16 and 32 bit.

    I looked at the gear shifter and the 32 bit was just a hair clearer. Also, I looked at a building that was off in the distant and the 16 bit was much better. It showed the building and writing on the building very clear, while the building and writing was blurry with 32 bit. This is with everything up and a resolution of 1800 1200. I rather have everything set high and use 16 bit.
    This is with a gf2 Ultra card, now I'm sure a gf3 or gf4 would do better.
  14. So, what your saying is that with an unknown game you will immediatly be a ble to tell which is 16bit vs 32bit?

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  15. I would, I see great differences.

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  16. 32Bit is better... unless U are looking a stuff designed for 16bit or less, then it looks a bit cr*p... streaks & lumps of the same colour where there should be finer detail...

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  17. If the game's designed to run in either, yes, i could tell the difference, its clear enough to me with the games i have i'm pretty confident of that. Side by Side, you can see a difference, note, looking at screenshots is a BAD BAD BAD way of judging it-) looking at two shots side by side of 16 and 32 bit i'd have to ask...which one is your monitor in when your comparing?
  18. Testing with what I have, my screen shot are correct. My conclusion is yes 32 bit looks better, but if you have everything turned up high, and a lot of graphics in the screen some things could become blurry, where in 16 bit they may not. At least that is my case in Nascar 4, using a gf2 ultra. I'm sure this will be true also to anything less then this card.
  19. I used to play with 16-bit colour on some games with my GF2MX-400. However, ever since I bought the R8500, I've been running everything at MAX detail at 1024*768*32 or more with 16X Aniso and sometimes 2X Quality Smoothvision for older games (Quake III, UT, etc).

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  20. Even when I am looking at photos on my PC, the diffence between 16bit and 32bit color is not that great. Of course my Petra Nemcova background looks great in any color depth--black and white included. =)

    Anyway, if I am just showing the game off to my friends, I will set it to 32bit color. But when I am actually playing, I much prefer smooth gameplay when the action is heavy to a slightly better image.

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  21. I was told by a learned gentleman, that the human eye can't actually see 16.7 million colours. A baby might, but not a grown adult.

    Perhaps hte brain fills the gaps because you <i>expect</i> to have better quality.

    Again, this was 3 years ago, and rendering has come a long way. Perhaps you're right.

    If I have stutters in a game, I set it to 32 and make my card do more work. This cuts down any stutters.

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  22. The 32bit, at least on the majority of games where I have a choice, makes the gamma just a little darker. But, the 'smoothness' of the texturing increases just a little. There's some subtle reflections and shading that comes out in 32 bit. If you're hammering through a game because you just stopped by the bargin bin at, and have 4 others to hammer through before the week is out and you have to go back to the grinder, then maybe 16 bit color is the way to go.

    If you're taking a 20 minute break to cap some punk a$$ lalammas on a work night, then you might do the 32 bit route.
  23. Our vision is analogue and not digital. We have 3 types of cones in our retina containing slightly different pigment that absorb in the blue, green, and red. However, when you look at the absorption curves there is considerable overlap. I have never read anywhere saying exactly how many colors we can see and I am not sure that really has any meaning in the way our eyes work. The way our brain is wired for vision gives us a remarkable ability to discriminate subtle differences.

    Vernier acuity is our eyes ability to see a break in a line. We can see a break that is as small as 3 seconds of arc which is less that the separation of the photoreceptors in our eye. Color works similarly. Green is green until you take two greens and put them next to each other. Then you can pick up very subtle differences between them.

    What this means is that if you are just looking at a 16bit image, it will look fine until you compare it to, say, a 32bit image. Then you will be able to detect subtle differences.

    For me, when the action is hot and I have enemies to FRAG, I care about smooth gameplay, not subtle improvements in the scenery.

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  24. 16 bit color, ultra high res
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