What can be the problem my asus laptop shut down itself and not switching on

what can be the problem my asus laptop shut down itself and not switching on
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  1. If the battery is dead then it will shut down and not start back up untill the battery is charged.
    If it overheated and you tried to start it back up right awayit wouldn't and you would have to wait for it to cool down.
    If you overheated and fried the motherboard or cpu then it wouldn't start up.
  2. battery full charger, was on laptop cooler, dont think it overheated,
    can it be hard disk crash or
    i was updating, or it can be system update error that shut it down and not letting it start
  3. If when you push the start button on the laptop and nothing turns on then it's hardware related because a software issue would keep you from Windows and not from just turning it on.
  4. so, what u think which hardware problem it can be
  5. Without testing and having the laptop in front of me it would be a guess and for an accurate diagnosis you will have to take it to a shop and have it looked at.
    The cpu could be fried or the motherboard Plus it could be just the battery gone bad and stopping the laptop from turning on.
    When the power on button doesn't turn on the laptop it is definetly a hardware issue and it could be any of those things. I wish I could give you a better anwer but at this time unless there is something else that you can say about the situation it's not enough for me to tell what it could be.
    Have you been having any kind of problems prior to it shuting down ?
  6. Lately i had the laptop format, had blue screen threat.
    before it went down i was not able to load any programs. Like when i instal programs,
    it gets installed, upon restart, the program folder shows empty.
    while open that program it say windows doesnt allow permission to access that path.
  7. If you take out the battery and plug in the charger can you start the computer.
  8. Hi and if CPU is fried, solution , how much will it cost me and stuff.
    Asus i3 Processor
    Model: X52J
  9. It will cost you $3 and 6 bags of cool ranch Doritos (stuff)
  10. no bro, it ddnt start
  11. Is there a shop you can take it to so you can get an estimate on what it would cost to fix it ?
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