Installing second SATA drive in Windows 7

New Gateway box that came with a 1TB drive. Bought a 160GB so I can install the OS on there and use the 1TB for data. Problem is the Gateway recovery DVDs I created that allow me to reinstall the OS don't recognize the 160 drive during installation. It's just not an option to install on.

I can see the drive while in Windows 7. The BIOS sees it. It's right there... but not when I boot from the disk to reinstall. I'm guessing Gateway has given me a very specific version of Win 7 that doesn't have all the install options? I can't figure this one out. I also posted this in Storage. Wasn't sure where it should go.

Any theories you have would be appreciated.

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  1. Just got off the phone with Gateway support. The gist was that I will never, ever be able to install their version of Windows 7 on any hard drive other than the one that was sent with the machine.

    I will be returning this machine tomorrow morning.

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