HP dv7 disk drive wont read anything.

I cant burn dvds on my hp dv7. I use Win 7 64 bit Home Standard edition. I have owned this computer 3 years now and since my free upgrade from Vista to Win 7 the problem has existed. As far as I can tell the filter trick only works for one or two of these machines, and will only really help the problem when it first manifests itself with burning issues. One day your filters will just break in the registry, and at this point the problem becomes unsolvable, even by changing out hardware, or uninstalling and reinstalling old hardware. It would be nice if someone other than Microsoft or HP would look into this or that said companies would make a real effort to figure out if the problem is an interaction between the firmware and the registry or the driver cache and the registry. I fix networks and computers for a living, and am working on my BSIS in Technology Management, and I cannot solve this problem. I am doing the best that I can, but by the time I reach the level of knowledge to take on a project of this caliber my computer will be a fossil anyways. If anyone reads this post and has a clue what is required or has a solution I would appreciate it if you devote a few minutes of brain power towards solving this issue. Thank you.
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  1. Hi :)

    Use NERO...

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