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I'm trying to fix a problem for my mother who seems to have an ongoing problem with her USB ports on her Toshiba Laptop she bought about a year and a half ago. She has windows vista 32bit OS installed.

Now everything seem ok for about 8 months she was getting the hang of using a computer and then we decided to take her to the next level and introduce a canon multifunctional printer MP210.

Her laptop will not recognise it it keeps saying new hardware found goes to look for the drivers which are on the install disk and then just doesn't finalise the procedure. We have tried everything downloaded upddated drivers, uninstalled re=installed even taken it back to the Supllier she bought it from and they couldn't get it to recognise the printer/scanner.

As I don't live near her i am trying to fix her problems via Teamviewer and I must say she has been a gem although she is getting confused as to why things are starting to go wrong with her Laptop. It seems now she can't even use her mouse. The laptop doesn't seem to pick it up anymore.

I have searched the web for days and weeks and months trying all sorts to get things working for her but nothing works. We have returned her canon multifunction printer and got a refund. So basically we are going to see if we can atleast get her laptop to recognised her mouse again, and anything else that we need to plu into her USB ports,as this seems to be the major problem.

Her USB ports don't seems to recognise anything that is plugged in anymore?????

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. From all the steps you've taken it does sound like a motherboard problem. Regardless of warranty period, I would take the computer back to the dealer and require a fix/replace/partial refund.

    Computers are consumer durables and should certainly outlast any warranty period -- anyway it sounds as if this issue has its origins before expiry and may be a manufacturing fault.
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    I will pass information on to her and see how she goes with her supplier.

    many thanks
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