Dell Studio XPS 16 doesn't work with HP 1410


I have had the HP 1410 all in one printer for many years, and has always worked fine.

About 2 months ago, my laptop had a hardware failure of some sort, and I only backed up my documents. Everything else had been deleted.

I only recently wanted to start using the printer again, so I installed the driver using the HP website. However, once the driver installed, it seems that my printer and my laptop cannot connect up, and it seems that my laptop may not recognise the printer as a device. I am unsure as to what I should do now.

If I was to buy a new printer, would this problem continue to occur?
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  1. Do you get the hardware detect tones from Windows when you connect the USB cable between the printer and computer? If not, try another USB cable. (try all ports first)

    Did you follow the instruction to have the printer disconnected from the computer until the installer explicitly asked for it? Failure to do this absolutely will cause problems.
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