Esata port expresscard 54/34 slot notebook, win 7 64-bit drivers.

esata port expresscard 54/34 slot notebook, where to find drivers for windows 7 home premium 64-bit version?
How can i in advance know (before buying the card), that an esata port expresscard will run on a notebook with windows 7 home premium 64 - bit version?
Is there a safe place i can search for drivers? Or is windows 7 64-bit only supported, if it comes with a windows 7 64-bit driver? I take that a windows 7 32-bit driver doesn't
work on a windows 7 64-bit system.
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    Look for the mfr website for support.

    I have the Bytecc model (rebranded Silicon Image) it works for both Vista and Win7 despite not mentioning them on the mfr site.

    I also had the Vantec model, but never tried it with Win7, just Vista 32 & 64.

    Usually Vista drivers will work, but aren't guaranteed.

    BTW, here's the SI driver page for the 3132 controller that is the underlying component of my Bytecc one and the Win7 64 bit is 1/5 of the way down;
  2. Thanks for answering. I will look out for the si 3132 chip.
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