AMD or Intel?

In the end, does it really matter? Aren't there more important things.

I think it should be less the case of "You bought and <AMD or Intel" you should've got an <whatever" and more the case of "You wasted your money on a Mac? Why exactly? Why not just buy a Cyrix and go on about how everythings nicely integrated?"

Yeah, everyone hates me now...

AMD Is An Anagram Of MAD, Intel Is An Anagram Of INLET, Cyrix...Ah Who Cares?
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  1. I found the answer to your question in the other thread:

    Here it is:

    "<i>I don't know how to explain but here it goes...

    Let's say you are having a heart surgery. And there are only two doctors in the whole world who can treat you. Let's call them Dr. AMD and Dr. Intel. One of doctor who wasn't that good in the past went back to school and got it's education and now is a better doctor then the other, let's call him Dr. Intel. The other doctor who used to have lot of patient got behind and now lost his patient due to lack of service he was providing, let's call him Dr. AMD.

    So here's the senario...
    Dr. Intel has all the training to do the operation on you. He is the most qualified doctor. He knows what he is doing. He will probably do the operation in less time then Dr. AMD.

    Dr. AMD who also has training he may not be upto date with his training But he can also do the operation. He may take little longer then Dr. Intel. He also doesn't have new tools and training like Dr. Intel (SSE2, HT).

    Now my question to you. If both of these doctors are going to charge you same money for operation. Who will you go to get the operation done Dr. Intel or Dr. AMD?

    I hope this answers "Support AMD for keeping the competition?"



    Apparently some believe that the company that makes your CPU is equivalent to the doctor that gives you surgery. If that is the case, I think those people that believe that is true are going to die very soon. I don't think the people at Intel or AMD have any knowledge about the medical field. I mean... what are they (intel and amd) going to do to humans? Overclock humans? Redesign human memory buses?

    And if their "surgery" was successful, are we going to need to apply arctic silver 3 to avoid overheating?

  2. It's all about fanboy braging rights. Let the intel boys have thier fun, they have been under before, and no doubt they will be again. Condesending as helt aint I.
  3. Quote:
    I mean... what are they (intel and amd) going to do to humans? Overclock humans? Redesign human memory buses?

    OOh, ooh, I've already got a list of people that I know that would need to severely overclock their brains!!! And I know people who are severely bottlenecked with their memory busses, as if nothing big could go through their heads (trying to do so results in headache for those ill-fated people)... They need memory bus redesign!!!

    That was fun. :smile: Thanks for the laughs.
  4. LOL
    I know lots of people who need more than a lousy 086 processor in their head that they currently have.
    More than 16K of ram would also be helpful!

    But fancy comparing surgery to CPU's?
    I mean... WTF?

    Does your life cease if your CPU dies?
    A better comparion would be ford vs GM... or Nv vs ATI... or ahh crap who cares anyway?

    <b>My CPU is so powerful its faster than Melb_Angel's Laptop!</b> :eek: <i>(Plus it's not pink)</i>
  5. I've got both an Intel and an AMD machine. I can't speak for the new Intel processors with HT, but I can tell you that my AMD 2100 processor HEATS UP MY OFFICE! No kidding... it's hot!

    I think the price/performance ratio is in AMD's favor when you want to spend $100 or so on a processor. If you simply want the fastest, regardless of the price, Intel is the way to go!

    For the money, an AMD 2600 is probably your best bet. Check out and you can find cheap stuff there. If you are willing to spend more, pick up a 2.6 or 2.8Ghz P4 with HT.

    That's my opinion.
  6. The doctor analogy was terrible - possibly one of the worst I have ever seen.

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  7. Fanboys in either camp are simply people who have fallen victim to brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is exactly what companies want, of course, but it undermines competition. AMD won my dollars back when I bought this dinosaur I am using now, and I was quite happy with the results. However if I were to build a system right now, it would be an Intel. For $265 I could get a P4 2.8GHz (800Mhz FSB), which will handily bitchslap any Athlon you throw at it, even the $450 3200. Here is the proof:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I'll leave the brand loyalty for the morons. Or fanboys. Same difference.

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