CPU Temperature

Hey guys :D
Finnaly, got a new machine .. here it is :

p4 2.8 fsb 800
asus p4p800
chaintech gf4 ti4200 128ddr agp 4x
512 ddr 400
seagate 80gb 7200rpm :)

but i have a doubt tho...
one thing i really wanted to dload was some program with temperature monitoring, both the cpu and the mobo. Fortunetly, the mobo software came up with Asus Probe 2, which is nice and reliable i think. I´ve been checking the average temperatures and the mobo goes from 32ºC to 38º..the cpu comes from 39º when not doing anything to 58º when im playing..but that´s really it..never passed the 58º. Some people tell me it´s 2 much, they tell me that a cpu running at 55ºC for a long time can ..er .. blow .. im really worried about it ..and it isn´t overclocked or anything..whaddya think?

please, im really worried here ... dont want my baby to fry ;_;

thx :]

vogue from lisbon

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  1. btw..ahem, could somebody tell me how to unistall directx 9 ? if that´s possible ? thx

    the overheating problem´s more serious tho..

    Have you ever laughed, ´til you cried ?
  2. For Dx9 just do a google search to find the site then download and install.
    As far as your cpu temp goes, it isn't too bad. If you were to play hot and heavy for the next 2 years, nonstop, you might get a crash or two, but that's about all. Most cpus run at about 25c over room temp when loaded. Check to make sure your hsf is well seated, and if the room your box is in is too hot cool it down, but no real sweat.
  3. Think he meant un-install. You can't really. There are programs out there for un-installing directX versions, but it's not something that M$ approve of.

    Why would you want to anyway? I bet it's to run 3dMark 2001SE. It really annoys me that 3dmark won't run on DX9, because you haven't got DX8 anymore. surely DX9 is fully backwards-compatible with 8?

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  4. I dont understand why your CPU temp is so high, I got a 2,4C and im running it with the standerd intel fan, and my cpy temp is 28'c Ok it is winter here at South africa, but my room is still heated and its not that cold in there. if i was you i would take a look at the fansink and make sure its put on properly. maybe get some thermal paste to put on. Also see if you can put any extra fans in the case to lower the internal temp a bit.

    Out of the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most
    My Rig: P4 2.4c on 875P Mobo, 1GB DDR400 Kingston, Ti 4200 128MB
  5. chipdeath .. yeah exactly...i really dont understand why the hell i cant run 3Dmark2001SE with dx9 ... i think it was a mistake dloading it in the first place cuz my g4 ti4200 doesnt support dx9 anyway.

    lord maximus... it´s summer here, but the temperature in my living room is about 25ºC, maybe a little bit more sometimes. It´s a new machine, and i trust the guys who have put it together, but I really dont understand much about cooling so i´d like you to help me on that cuz i really want to overclock this, about 10% ( to 3.1 ghz ) and i dont want it to go over 58º when im playing for hours.

    sorry ´bout the lousy english :\

    vogue from lisbon

    Have you ever laughed, ´til you cried ?
  6. My suggestion then is, look into a third party fansink
    Maybe something along the lines of a thermatalk or a justcooler. As i said before get some thermal paste, that helps the conductivity between the CPU and Fansink.

    Out of the things I have lost, I miss my mind the most.
    My Rig: P4 2.4C running on 875P Mobo, 1GB DDR400 Kingston,
    Ti 4200 128MB running at core-280mhz / mem-500 mhz
  7. 3Dmark2001SE works with DX9 if you download the latest patch.

    - Daniel (daniel1113[at]comcast[dot]net)
  8. daniel, thxs, it worked .. i can only get around 12000 though :\

    It´s overclocked already, and strangely, the temp isn´t any higher than before ... how can u explain that ? It´s now working @ 3.1 ghz..max temp 58º playing.

    how weird is that ? O_o

    Have you ever laughed till you cried ?
    p4 2.8 fsb800 @ 3.1 ghz
    asus p4p800
    kingston 512 ddr 400
    gf4 ti4200 @ 300/520
    seagate 80gb 7200rpm
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