Glossy vs Matte discussion

After some research on the subject I have read the following general opinions:
Matte: Less potential for glare and reflections, however with less potential for contrast and color vibrancy.

Glossy: Strong colors/contrast but smudges and glare are more noticeable.

I'm gearing more towards glossy as of now because it seems to have more potential for a better image under the right conditions. Anyone else have additional wisdom to impart?
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  1. Glossy will give you that "color pop" you are probably looking for, however it's too reflective for my tastes.

    I definitely prefer matte since glare, smudges and dust are more noticeable. Plus, color saturation and vibrancy are not exaggerated.
  2. Glossy screens must die!!!!!!!

    O.k an exagerration but I cannot stand them. For desktop it is not an issue but notebooks, I had a hell of a time finding one which was matte.

    Some would say the image is better and more vibrant but what is the point if you cannot see it for reflections?
  3. Yeah but the glossy colors really are nicer. I love the colors on my gloss lap top screen
  4. there are actually three types of screen coatings not just two.


    while glossy makes colors seem more vibrant, the glare can be quite bad. so bad in fact that any non diffuse lighting can cause enough glare to be anywhere from irritating to painful.

    antiglare screens resolve this but often can often give the appearance of looking through sand which can make reading text harder possibly causing eye strain.

    matte screens have reduced glare but can still show reflected light from strong sources. colors are not as vibrant as glossy screens. there is no sand texture like antiglare screens.

    the best is definitely matte. colors are not as subdued as you would think. on glossy monitors colors can sometimes look too vibrant and the glare makes them annoying to use at times.
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