Win 7 System Crash Blank - White, red or blue Screen

G'day guys,
My computer is experiencing a system crash, however, it does not shut down, simply goes to a blank white, red, or blue screen and remains running (does not restart automatically).

I have been having this problem for some time. Sometimes it goes away and i dot have any problems for weeks, then for no apparent reason comes back..and persistently annoys the *** out of me for weeks...then misteriously goes away again. It appears to cause system issues when im using media applications like utube, occasionally when running flight simulator, but particuarly when playing Killing Floor and Counterstrike games online.

It does not generate any kind of Windows error log except for "windows has restarted from an unexpected shutdown" after i restart my computer. There is no information i can find in any error logs that outlines what conflict is actually causing the blank screen, however the only way out of the blank screen is to do a "hard reset" power off power on.

Now before any of you brainy people say, "you've got a virus" your is absolutely, not a virus!

I have tried reformat/reinstall both Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have also replaced the almost the entire system hardware with completely new stuff except for the RAM and it still happens (yes new M/B, CPU, PSU, HDD, DVD). I even changed from an AMD system to an Intel one thinking it would be impossible for this issue to continue to crop up, however, i was sadly mistaken.

In the end, i realised that the original problem with the AMD system was dud GTX 570 Nvidia graphics card that is obviously having issues, however, the Intel system has a brand new Ati 6970 GPU in it.

So here is my current system spec

Intel 2700K CPU (not overclocked)
Motherboard P67 UD5
RAM 4 gig Kingston PC 1600 DDR3 Single Channel
GPU Ati Radeon 6970 (not overclocked)
Win 7 x64 (new installation)

I notice that in the intel specs sheet, Sandy Bridge processors use Dual Channel DDR3 1333 MHz RAM.

Is my crashing caused by my using Single Channel RAM or,
could it be because im using 1600 MHz instead of 1333 MHz RAM??
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  1. Why are you using single channel ram ? Since you know that the Intel cpu has a dual channel controller and the AMD system does as well why have you not tried a dual channel set of ram. You obnioyly have spent a lot of money here with switching syatems completely and with ram being so cheap I would think that you could easily have gotten a set of 8gb of ram for about $50.
  2. In rereading you post and noticing that you have said you have changed everything except the ram I also had a thought that it could be your monitor or the monitor cable end that is connected to the monitor. That screen that you get with the colored lines is usually what you get when there is no video signal to the monitor. So check the cable end that is pluged into the monitor and make sure it's not loose and if you have a chance to test wit another monitor that would help.

    Could also be a bad cable to the monitor. If you have another you could try it.
  3. tried new monitors, swapping cables. no difference.

    I was speaking to an it tech today, and he reckons that somehow my video signal to the monitors is being scrambled...he seems to think it must be something like that because if i was using and application that had sound playing at the point the two screens go blank...the sound continues to play uninterrupted.

    I have tried to post this on microsoft forums and they are providing me with the dumbest god damn response over and over again...

    "post the windows error log for this event"

    Even though i keep telling the dimwits "there is no error log event for it!" i have checked a dozen times...there is absolutely no windows error event when it happens. I even took a photo of what the screen looked like once and posted one has been able to provide any information on what it could be (it's as if im the only one who experiences this problem).

    By the cards and motherboard are all manufactured by Gigabyte.

    I have just changed my RAM over to dual channel G.Skill 8 Gig DDR 3 PC 1600 this afternoon (previously it was kingston PC 1600).

    I'll see if my system has this problem over the next day or so and let you all know how i go. Im sure about 10-15 minutes in Killing Floor will be enough to determine if i have solved the problem or not.
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