How to connect mac wireless keyboard with pc

i've not got Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel but some Toshiba Connect program. The computer cant see the Mac wirelss keyboard. I've used a plug in mac keyboard with this computer just cant see the wireless. Do I need a program or is thde problem with not having windows bluetooth?
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  1. Did it come with a Bluetooth dongle/USB adaptor or do you have a bluetooth adaptor on your motherboard (in the computer)?
    - If not, then you'll need to buy a Bluetooth dongle/USB adaptor
    Then go to (unoffical Apple Wireless Suport), download the program (which is on the right side of the screen)

    Link is "Install UAWKS (date seperated by dots).exe"
    Make sure you select the one states "standalone, get this if you have never heard of AutoHotKey"

    -EDIT also look at this post:
  2. Will any bluetooth adapter work or will any bluetooth adapter be able to communicate with the wireless mac keyboard?
  3. Make sure the adaptor is Windows 7 capable. The Asus does not.
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