True??? AMD to buy Intel!

Apparently Intel's insane over priced chips don't match up to the cheaper AMD's, so Intel may just sellout because it cannot keep up. Amazing! Sources said Intel cannot keep up with things like the AMD64, and in the cheaper area, the Barton's are slaughtering similarly priced Intels. Wow!
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  1. is this the part where I laugh? or shall I wait a few more minutes.....

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  2. I dont think this ia laughing matter. This will hurt the economy if Intel sells out, simply because they cannot keep up with AMD. Why not just keep trying? They could take the lead back some day in the future. Not soon but someday. AMD didnt quit when they were behind and look, they've taken the lead and left Intel in the dust. Why intel why??
  3. Are you stupid .. stupid .. or stupid ?
  4. Apparently the engineers at intel were stupid. They've fallen behind by almost 200%!!! AMD is now faster yet cheaper??? The Barton 3200 DOUBLES the speed in all bench programs of the Intel 3.06ghz cpu. For example, the exact same machine, except different mobo, gave the P4 3.06ghz a 12,345 in 3dmark01. But with a different mobo and Barton 3200, this machine scored 25,386!!! OVER DOUBLE THE INTEL!!!
  5. Be careful hineigger or you might fall off of the edge of our flat world and get burned up by the sun which orbits us. And don't forget to plant a silver dollar on the next full moon so that it'll grow into a money tree and then you can buy all of the AMD chips that your heart desires.

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  6. My god you ARE demented, this wasn't just a mock-up from the Graphics Forum joke you did! :eek:

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  7. You may now laugh, giggle and snigger...

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  8. who is this guy anyway? coming around here with his crazy talk....

    "Don't question it!!!" - Err
  9. I think this actually redefines "crazy talk".
  10. You guys dont seem to care. If anyone is to blame its INtel for not donig enough R&D and falling this far behind.
  11. I recall that Sun came very close to acquiring Apple. . .

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  12. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you seriously believe that the AMD chips outperform Intel? If so you've got some serious problems. Why would you even think AMD was buying Intel? Did you see it on some crappy site or something?
  13. What sources ???
    I might even believe it if I saw it.

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  14. For a 38 year old you sure don't act it.

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  15. I cant believe you guys dont believe this.

    Just look at the benches that came out TODAY. Intel cant keep up and its weird to see because they've always led. Apparently Ati may start making AMD mobos because intel chips wont be selling for long and why get started in that. Although Ati spokesman admits they will probably lose out in mobo competition like they did in graphics card competition. The true kings have come out to play!!!
  16. really are stupid aren't you? What benchmarks are you referring to anyways? Check out these ones.

    The 3.06 smokes the 3200+ in EVERYTHING. And since when is ATI "losing out" in the graphics card market? Last I heard they had this great new thing called the Radeon 9800 Pro? Did they discontinue every card they make, or are you smoking something? And ATI making motherboards? Don't make me laugh. And AMD boards especially. Check out this link:

    Why don't you do the world a favor and jump off the top of a tall building or something.
  17. Those articles are old. Im talking about the ones that came out TODAY. The new drivers for the 5800 Ultra (NOT the 5900) DOUBLED the 9800 Pro is frame rates for ALL games. Imagine what the 5900 does!!

    And the new tests on cpu's show the 3200 truly does outdo the 3.06 in all areas by nearly double the output. Makes you wonder why some would pay double for half the performance??
  18. here we go again, didnt we just do this in the graphics card forum....
  19. for flucks sake people, its a joke. cs game server -
  20. Perhaps a joke, but this guy has no right to let the fanboys get their hopes up again. I mean really now they’ve been through enough. Besides, if you want to throw out a decent rumor, let’s try “AMD will sell their chip division to IBM by 2007.” When you start one of these things there must be a shred of actual probability.

    Oh and to all you fanboys out there…. This is truly getting sad. Stop believing every dork that comes along to give you a glimmer of hope. AMD is second rate and will stay that way for a long time to come. At least until 2007.
  21. OOOHhhhh, Hineigger arent you an aggressive little mutha. You know, i think ive figured out whats up with the hine-man. Yes thats right guys, he is a neurotic. From reading all of should i put this....rather "intelligent" posts i think you have some major multiple peronality disorder going on. Who knows maybe your even skizo. Hey thats cool though, just think about how "special" you are in the eyes of forum leaders like Eden, and dhlucke, and all the other guys of the tomshardware forum. Yes and you are demented and almost as mature as our nVidia friends. You are also <i>very</i> creative. Wow, we are so glad that we are blessed with your unsurmountable knowledge and intellect of the computer world.
  22. Are you stupid or something, Intel has ruled the processor market and has been the industry standard for a very long time. Most people who don't know anything about processors buy an Intel Processor because its the industry standard. In the Laptop field Intel is booming. Most servers are running Intel Xeons or Itaniums not AMD MPs or AMD64.
  23. I figured this guy has become demented.

    People, this guy admitted to being able to stir up your emotions and create flame wars. You're not controlling him, HE is controlling you, as long as you continue replying to him.

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  24. Does no one else care about this huge news??? Intel has been a WORLD leader and now they are second by miles!! I wish I invested in AMD and Nvidia before!!!

    Did you read what anandtech qouted about the Nvidia 5900 Ultra?? "The 9800 Pro may not play the newest games well, but we expect the 5900 ultra to last well through Half-Life 9 and Delta Force 35: Uprising in Iran"

  25. So this has been nothing but a horrible anandtech promotion?

    This changes everything.....I, this is still a stupid post.
  26. I wish Tom's would ban this guy. His act is getting old.

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  27. Eden get GW and Phial, let's rape the s*** out of him till he STFU

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  28. ""I wish I invested in AMD and Nvidia before!!!""

    hehe, you are not too late yet, they really need yer monee to stay afloat, LOL

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  29. Rape the [-peep-] out of me??

    Rape, to me, is when you can make someone's emotions do whatever you want, whenever you want.

    Mission accomplished.
  30. Isn't this just a ten year old who thinks he's so incredibly funny?
  31. guys... guys... cant we just all get along.
  32. Are you the guy who just came out of comma after 20 years?


    "Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity." - Sarah Chambers
  33. That´s a good one!...

    Though... poor guy. Try to imagine his shock... he´s in 2003, not 1984! Yikes...
  34. The BOTTOM LINE is if nobody replies to his posts, he'll get bored and stop doing it. Hopefully.

    STOP REPLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  35. lol i couldnt reply to the gfx card post. God bless admins :D

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