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I have a Dell XPS M2010 that I recently changed to 64 bit running Windows 7. Since I have had the computer there have been issues with the display driver not responding but when I check for updates, it says best driver is already downloaded. Not a day passes by when the display crashes and recovers on the average of at least 5 times. There has to be another driver that will work for this thing but I am not having any luck finding it. Can someone please tell me how to fix this issue. The problem is driving me crazy and believe me, it is a short trip. :pt1cable:
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  1. Sometimes when you update video drivers everytime they are released you can run into a conflict and the driver may conflict with some other software on your computer so you can try going back to the last good conflict free driver and wait for the next release. In reality you don't need to get the video drivers every time they are released because if you look at what is being addressed in the driver release it may not be needed anyway.
  2. I don't mind keeping the same drivers if they work but I have had the same problem since purchasing the computer brand new, and even prior to switching to 64 bit W-7. I have lost files more times than I care to count OR remember. I just want the display driver to stop failing. Everytime my screen goes black, I hold my breath.
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