DVD drive connected to laptop with sata to esata cable

hi, I connected a dvd drive to my laptop using,
a sata to esata cable. my laptop has a ESATA port.

I don't know if you should post some kind of config summary (if yes let me know, I will do it promptly)
basically I have a HP DV6t quad edition
with an Intel 5 serie chipset,
PM55 express chipset (dont really know if it make any sense but still, I will just say state it)

so I installed Intel Matrix Storage and when I connect the drive I can see it, but windows 7 does not see it, it's like I didn't plug anything in.


wow its giving me headache I have spent 3 hours looking for a solution.

also my bios is almost configurable, I don't know why
I can change the time, the date, the admin password, the boot order, virtualization, fan on/off that's pretty much it.

so what options do I have if I want to make this dvd drive work??

thanks in advance
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  1. is it showing up under computer management->drives

    As far as the BIOS HP generally doesn't have that much to configure there (nor do most OEM's).
  2. ok so I tried that already, and it does not show up.
    Im getting hopeless.
    I installed windows xp on one of my partitions thinking windows 7 was the issue, but NO, it aint...
    what would be the barrier between the motherboard and the software, I don't get it.
    since Intel Matrix Storage sees it, that means the motherboard sees it too right?

    if yes, then what's the deal... :heink:
  3. anybody?
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