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I am looking to buy a 5.1 audio system, interconnect with PC, TV - Music, HiDef Movies & Games. I have come across many kinds of inputs & audio formats, and all's like mumbo jumbo up in my head. I was wondering what do I need to be aware of.
I would like the receiver/amp to have the necessary inputs for HiDef, connecting from a computer, TV, ect.

Audio formats I have come across..,
DD (Dolby Digital), DTS, DD-HD, DTS-HD. DD & DTS was used with DVD's & HiDef used the HD format of the same.
1. Any other formats to be aware of?
2. I understand that HD is the uncompressed digital format. What about the analog format? Is this still in use?
3. Are the formats like mp3, mp4, wma, ect relevant in this discussion?

I have come across inputs/outputs like..,
a. Traditional Analog (1 Video, 1 audio Left & 1 Audio Right, ....I think White, Red, Yellow colored jacks)
b. SPDIF (Optical - For Audio)
c. Component (used with DVD's?)
d. HDMI (Hi-Def Audio & Video in one cable)
e. DVI (Both Audio & video)
f. Display Port (Both Audio & video)

4. What are the inputs/outputs I should require & expect to see in an receiver?
5. What would the outputs be like? Will it be standard or a mess of many?

I remember I had a sony home theater system which had outputs to which I could connect only the sony speakers as they had a different kind of jack. Would I face such issues with the 'Hi End' systems.

This is what I expect to see at least.
- Traditional Analog - Audio L & R.
- Input's - SPDIF (Optical - For Audio).

6. What about HiDef audio, how is that input to the receiver? Multiple ways possible?

Am a noob in some of these terms, kindly excuse.
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  1. first it all depends on the manufacture, most audio related electronics uses regular analogue audio out put, those can be founds in 2 common connection (AV and 3.5mm headphone jack)
    most PC came with 3.5mm jack connection, for dvd player either came with optical, or AV connection which can range from stereo(2 channel), 2.1(3 channels), 5.1(6 channels), or even 7.1etc... ( please correct me if i'm wrong.)
    or TVs, most modern tv also came with AV connection ( red, white, yellow connection as u might refer it to).
    if ur looking toward to a Receiver/Amplifier, u might want to look toward a unit that supports surround sounds, and multiple input selection ( some units came with 3~6 different source selection).
    just as an example the following links contain product that allows u to run to 7.1 channels.
    for ur PC audio can be connected VIA 3.5mm jack to the AV connection on the example unit with this cable http://image1.dhgate.com/upload/20106/86/ff80808128ed962601290a80ade73078/productimg1276096045916.jpg
    for dvd/bluray player can be connected with either HDMI or AV cable http://www.eeas.com.au/web_images/av-cable.jpg
    OR optical cable http://www.cablesdirect.com/prodimages/FCTK-03K_LR.jpg
    which almost the same goes for game units, XBOX, PS3 etc...
    connection will be a layout on a paper urself for easier reference, for example, dvd player if ur using AV audio out connection ( red and white connection). it most marked behind the unit which connection is which, like Front Right(FR)output, Front Left(FL), Rear Right(RR), Rear Left(RL), Center (C), Sub-woofer(Sub), etc...
    same goes to the connection goes behind the amplifier unit, just plug in cable accordingly.
    For HDMI, just 1 cable in and that it.
    same goes for Optical.
    ofcourse better quality cabling and units are out there, those links are just for reference purposes.
    so basically the decisions will be how big ur entertainments area will be to obtain what size Wattage output, and the brand name, also budget, etc
    hope those info will help u,
    if i miss or mix up any info please hit me up guys, :) just to be sure the correct info is provided cheers~~
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