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Searching for good but cheap 2.1 (or maybe 5.1?) computer speakers

Last response: in Home Audio
March 2, 2011 6:17:27 PM

Right now, I have these speakers. Yes, they're horrible. I bought them last year to supplement my laptop, this was before I got a good rig for which I would need good speakers. The sad thing right now is that I get better audio fidelity using my headset (which, admittedly, cost $40), but I want the full experience. Problem here is that I am a poor college kid ( :(  ) and can only justify... maybe $50. So I have a pair of questions:

1.) Is there a relatively speaker solution that will be able to blow that set out of the water? Looking at Newegg, I can see dozens of 2.1 setups and a few 5.1 setups I MIGHT be able to BARELY afford (but are they any good?) Now, this is a dorm room, so I'm guessing a great pair of 2.1s trumps a cheap set of 5.1s, and if the 5.1 sets in my budget are trumped by cheaper 2.1 setups (that are more powerful or have better whatever quality I'm looking for in speakers), then the 2.1s are preferred. There is a single 4.1 solution, is this any good?

2.) If I DO end up getting a new 2.1 setup, is there any way I can use the speakers I already have for the rear speakers and make an ad-hoc 4.1 setup of my own? Or would it not work that way? I mean, in my Audio Manager (using on-board for now, and no, I am NOT getting a sound card as that is beyond my budget), I can set up a 'quadraphonic' setup and mark the speakers in the rear as being not-fullsize (see pic below):

Would that allow me to use my existing speakers? I'd rather not get rid of them if I can, they are cheap but they're still good... well, functioning anyway.

Help would be very much appreciated, I look forward to any advice!
March 3, 2011 12:19:47 AM

There are no good speakers that are cheap. Use HiFi speakers, and get an amplifier to go between the computer and the speakers. That's you best shot.