Give the answer how to convert 64 bit os inti 32 bit

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  1. Well you won't be able to "convert" it, you will have to do a fresh install of the 32bit OS
  2. You have to install a whole new 32 bit OS. You can't convert or upgrade.
  3. Why do that? 32 bit programs work perfectly fine under a 64 bit OS. If, after a upgrade from say XP 32 bit to Win7 64 bit, you have a program that does not work, the problem is that some older programs that worked in XP simply won't work in Win7. There is a XP mode in Win7 you can try to run the program in.

    In short, if the program won't run in Win7 64 bit, then it very most likely won't run under the 32 bit version either.
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