Hissing through headphones when I play music.

I just bought a brand new Auzentech Forte sound card along with AKG K702 headphones. Whenever I listen to music, I hear a hissing or static sound through the headphone speakers and tv speakers. Is this just the music itself? All my music files are in FLAC or ALAC. Is there any way to fix this?
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  1. yes it is normal, and it may be affected by the storage format, or the hardware itself.
    does the hiss occur when there is no music playing? or only when the file is playing?
    is the file converted from an analog recording to digital? There could be hiss on the original recording that was converted to digital format.
    does the hiss occur when a CD is playing, or with other music file types not mentioned like MP3?Look in "My Music" folder, for sample music and try the playback, still hissing? are you using media player or some other player?
    turn the volume of the player up, at ;least 50% or higher. Turn the master volume of the computer down.
    The speaker icon is in the lower right hand of the desktop, click once for volume control (computer master volume) click twice for mixer, or other audio software. You might need to raise the player and lower the master volume, to find a better signal to noise ratio.
  2. The hisses are produced only when there is music being played. All my Jazz music has a prominent hissing sound. As a matter of fact, 90% of my music produces the static. There are only a few albums which don't (Pixies' Doolittle for example). Could it be because the K702's are too revealing and bringing out all the detail in the recording, pointing out the flaws? Even when I play my CDs, the hiss is present.
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