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Just as a quick comment: since when did 2.6C, or any of the C series, become 'middle of the road'? I realise we are all hardware intense but I think if people look at what is really 'middle of the road' they will find good performance and much cheaper. The ATI 9500Pro or 9700 are top notch cards! When recommending a middle of the road machine realise that the 2.6 is probably on par with the top AMD chip out there, so dont get confused by names and think AMD is a steal or intel is sweet... they are different markets of cpu! the 2500+ is not meant to compete with a 2.6...

A 2500+ Barton is a middle of the road chip. A 1.8GHz is a middle of the road chip. The Ti4200 is a middle of the road card. Just as a request, so we dont go crazy, remember that very few can afford what most here clasify as middle of the road and confuse people with top-end products at top dollar when they dont need that... We all know 30% price cuts are coming to intel's top line of cpus in october so if someone wants middle of the pack performance dont reccomend them...

Anywho just my two cents and this is not directed at anyone in particular...
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  1. Yeah - a lot of people here are hardware intense, so they view things differently. I agree that the Barton 2500+ is middle of the road. The Intel 1.8ghz PIV, however, isn't when you consider cost vs performance. The 1.8 PIV is ~$125. The 2.4c PIV is about $40-50 more and much faster, so it more practical as a middle of the road choice (considering the cost of the faster PIV processors).
  2. I disagree. Where I am a 1.8 is $98CDN whereas a 2.5C is $245CDN.... you see the difference. Now I understand that 1.8 is almost a minimum now, but man for $100 it performs great, that is the point I want to make clear. You can save a bundle by getting the actual middle of the road.
  3. Depends on whose defining middle of the road. Middle of the road for the general public would probably be closer to an AMD XP 1700 or a Celeron 1.6Ghz. As for the video you're talking GF4 440MX, maybe, that may even be more than most people have or need. Ferrarri or Chevy, that's a fair and reasonable comparison.
  4. Hey Badger, where are you that you can get a P IV 1.8 for $98 cdn. In Van. they are really cheap at $188 cdn. When you compare that to an XP2600 for $148 cdn the intel is sh!t.
  5. Arg, sorry that was a Celeron 1.8... my bad... yeah they are $188... and yes the AMDs are a much sweater deal in that performance range.
  6. In my books Intel chips come in 2 catagories. The high end are too much money, and the rest are too expensive for what you get. I always buy chips at the AMD sweet spot, so I've been spoiled.
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