Celeron 2GHz and above

Who here is running one? I'd like to know your experiences with the processor please.

I'm especially interested to know what temperature it is on idle and when doing work, what heatsink/fan is on it, and what motherboard you're using please (and any reliability issues with the mobo).

I'm thinking of building a machine using that CPU, but the last Celeron I used was a 300A :-)
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  1. don't buy P4 Celerons. They're <b>terrible</b> chips. for a budget PC, you're really better off getting an AMD based system.

    Temperature-wise, though, as they are basically modified P4s, they'll run at about the same temps as a P4 at the same speed I guess. (so something like 35-40 Idle and up to 55+ under load, depending on what heatsink you use)

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
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