Notepad multiple language support on Win7

I'm currently using English, Japanese and Hebrew on my PC with Windows 7 Home Premium.

The problem I'm having is that Notepad seems to be the only program giving me trouble with using both languages.
I always have to change System Locale which is obviously not a reasonable solution.

When System Locale is set to "Hebrew" I get Japanese characters as squares.
When System Locale is set to "Japanese" I get Hebrew characters as a combination of Japanese characters and gibberish...

Any ideas how can I solve this problem??
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  1. Yeah I came across notepad++ but it doesn't have file association problems or something like that?

    Edit: Ok I tried notepad++... yeah i guess it works but the thing I liked so much about Notepad is that it's simple and doesn't have so many features and options... simply a text editor...

    Edit: Nevermind I managed... but if anyone has a better solution for the original notepad I'd be glad to hear... thanks
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