I've just realised why...Prescott etc

I've just realised why Intel have issued the statement about Prescott's not working in current motherboards.
And it's not for technical reasons (at least not ones they can't work around).

Think about it.
They are going to call this a Pentium 5.
They can't have people swapping Pentium 4s and 5s in the same motherboard, think of the lost revenue, the potential headaches with the other, older P4 motherboards etc, the confusion....

No, easier to start a new chip with a new chipset to make it all nice and easy. And make everyone buy all new hardware in the meantime.

Why not invent all new RAM whilst you're at it? And a new motherboard form-factor too! 2" x 30" sounds good to me.
Bloody gits.....

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  1. They may be bloody gits and you may very well be completely right on the reasoning, but their annual income sure says a lot for how well their way of doing business works. :-p

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  2. Shush maybe he likes the backwards loseing money stategy that AMD does.


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  3. I think this story is a total bluff. First of all the only new chipset that we know of that will come out next is the Grantsdale. This chipset isn't schedule to be released until sometimes next year. And we all know that Prescott will release sometimes in Q4.

    If there is no chipset that support prescott when it's released why the hell we will buy prescott for?????


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  4. Not only that, but the information came from a 3rd party, and is unofficial. It's a voltage increase, for crying out loud! Will it make prescott inacessible?...

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  5. 3rd party Backed by AMD don't tell anyone. Lol
  6. I read somewhere that this was Intel's revenge for the PAT fiasco.
  7. Lets hope this stuff is all hot air. I want my mb to be Prescott-compatible :P
  8. it's just the same thing as the whole 200fsb thing from AMD~~ a new nforce 2 mb just for the 200fsb 3200+

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  9. I really don't think this is true. Imagine the HUGE backlash of current 865/875 mobo owners who thought their mainboards would be compatible with Prescott. I don't think so.


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  10. Actually the nforce boards got a bios fix, so they run 200 fsb now. Let's hope that works for Scottie as well. (If it's even needed)
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