Windows 7 everything freezeing(not responding) mouse movable

hey guys first post hoping to get some help i cant seem to figure this out. so my windows 7 seems to completely freeze up every thing was working fine until just recently. the mouse is moveable buy nothing responds, and goes not responding. i ran memtest on my ram and came up with some errors so proceed to test each stick on its own the first came up with errors the other 3 did not. I retested the first stick and it has gone through like 7 passes now and no errors this time. so i am lost as to what to do now. when testing the sticks separately they were all tested in the same port. could it be my hard drive dieing? or maybe the mother board or cpu? any help is appreciated on what to do next. thanks in advance

Edit: i also managed to do a virus test and the machine was virus free. also when the machine starts to freeze up and go not responding if i try to ctrl alt delete to task manager i am met with an error message about unable to log in or something.
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  1. update: so i started my comp after no memtest errors, however it is still booting slow and being laggy i noticed the red HDD light wont stop flashing now and is sometimes just solid red
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