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I cleaned up my disk[C:] using Disk Cleanup.I ticked all the items in Files to Delete section and clicked "OK".After that,when I opened Mozilla or IE9 it will stay on loading and will not connect.But If i open Chrome it will connect and I can surf.what is the problem?
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  1. try reinstall it.
  2. Uninstall and re-install Firefox, same thing for IE if it's an upgrade version and shows up as uninstallable.
  3. rgd1101 said:
    try reinstall it.

    I re installed firefox but no change.I haven't reinstalled IE9 i'll try that.
  4. check it hasn't deleted any proxy settings you might need.
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    I highly doubt that the disk clean-up created these problems, even if you check everything. It's not supposed to delete any system files or prevent applications to work. I would be afraid it might be a virus or something. In any case, if it's really the disk clean-up that caused this you can always try system restore and go back before the clean-up.
  6. You don't have work offline checked do you?
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