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I am building a media PC for my 42" LCD TV in my bedroom. I also want to have a wireless keyboard and mouse. The range will be about 20 feet. Can someone recommend a good but not expensive keyboard & mouse? I have seen some that claim the range is up to 30 feet, but I am unsure how well these work. Prices seem to vary a lot. I don't want to spend more than I need to.

Thanks for your recommendations.

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  1. hi Jim,

    im looking for the same keyboard and mouse! although i need mine to pass through walls, as my PC is upstairs and i want to play games on the TV downstairs.

    Ill share my finidings so far..
    these US keyboards look expensive, but the RF receiver looks big (not the usual USB dongle) so i'm tempted to belive their claims on range.

    I have also thought about the other end of the price spectrum. If you buy a 2.4Ghz mouse and keyboard you can modify the ariel on both the devices and on the cheep usb receiver by following these, or similar to these, posts.

    However i have not tried these things, and wouldnt want to judge your technical ability in these areas, but for most i assume this is worth a try, may be fun, and will void warrantees.

    please let me know how you get on or your progress so far!

  2. I tried the suggestion on and they did not work for me. Range was still about 6-8 feet. Still looking for a good suggestion. I'd be willing to pay up to $50 or so.

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    Hey Jim,

    Although im going through walls, not line of sight, the solution I came upon was to use a 4 port usb extender hub by CAT5:

    id put one hub by the computer and the other near to where I would sit in the living room. I can then use a cheep short range wireless keyboard and mouse when i get around to buying one, or stay wired.

    I would also recommend looking into keyboards that claim to have a good range, 2.4ghz keyboards perhaps..

    UK solution, but im sure there are some in the US.

    As in my earlier post, a RF wireless keyboard with the range that you want is going to cots $200+!

    unfortunatly the market is saturated in wireless desktop range (1 - 3 m) keyboard and mouse, and not htpc range (3m+) desktop style wireless keyboard and mouse.
  4. Thanks laxmanstretch for the ideas. I have a USB to CAT5 extension cable so I could do that but for my situation it would not look good. The ACCURATUS TOUGHBALL looks similar to the ADESSO here in the states. I may give this a try. Still unsure what to do.

    I appreciate your suggestions.
  5. I purchased the Adesso keyboard and it works great. Problem solved.

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  7. I have not use wireless keyboard.but i have used wireless mouse. it's produce by ourself
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