Can I Reuse windows 7?

Hey guys. I have bought a legit copy of windows 7 home 64bit and installed it on a computer. Can i use the same copy to install it on another computer or do I need do deactivate the copy on the current computer for me to install it on the next computer?
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  1. you SHOULD only use it on one system at a time to comply with the licence......what you do though is your bisiness
  2. So if i install it on both systems, One system will not have a license. But will the system without the license still function as normal?
  3. idk, u shouldnt risk your legit copy. If u REALY need windows 7 on another pc u can always *cough* pirate *cought*
  4. Erm but will both PCs work with 1 copy of windows 7? And what do u mean risk? Will they strip windows 7 off me?
  5. It will probably work for a wile, then either one or both PCs will start to get "illegal windows" errors. You need a separate license for the second computer, unless you buy a volume license key that is still paid for by each computer it's installed on, you need to buy a second Windows 7 copy. If you are not using it on the first computer, wipe the drive on it, and you can install it on the second one with no issues.
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    Hi ThatsMyName

    you have not said if the Windows 7 DVD is a full retail disk, or Microsoft OEM DVD
    (both have holograms)

    (unlikely to be a manufacturers OEM DVD as should not be on retail sale, (no hologram))

    and what version eg: Home Basic, Home Premium , Professional, Ultimate
    (Enterprise should not be on sale)

    usually Pro Retail has both 32bit & 64 bit dvd's and one key for one installation on one PC at any time

    the OEM versions usually come with one DVD and can not legally be used on a different system
    (unless MS allows change because motherboard has died and similar replacement is no longer available)

    depending on the time between installations MS on line Activation will detect more than one installation and require telephone activation (which is tedious)

    I have dual boot XP Home + 7 Professional (both retail) after upgrading the motherboard / CPU / RAM I activated XP on line and 7 by telephone


    Mike Barnes
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