SONY BRAVIA™ HD TV LED- EX420 vs samsung LCD LA32D450 32inch lcd which

sony led 26 inch tv is edge backlit led but costs equal to a samsung 32inch lcd tv..which to choose
i view the tv from 4-6 feet distance
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  1. I don't mean to rain on any parades (including my own; I remain interested in data and additional images), but I found the maker's website, and one of the company's main activities seems to be selling low-quality Chinese automotive lighting and "light styling" equipment. Those sealed beam conversions and most of those auxiliary lights, for example, are the junk made by Nunseing Sirius. The ones that aren't are knockoff copies of Hella lights, made by another disreputable Chinese outfit. Their entire "OEM" catalogue is nothing but this kind of garbage — not an actual OEM piece to http://www.****/led-light-bars-c-38.html be found. And look at the BS being used to sell their "superwhite" bulbs. And while "electrostatic ion coating" sounds nifty and cool, it doesn't mean anything. I'm seeing "HID kits". I'm seeing http://www.****/household-led-bulbs-c-1.html . I'm seeing all kinds of toyzzz trendy with the kidzzzz. I'm http://www.****/outdoor-led-lighting-c-11.html seeing marketeering gobbledegook masquerading as "information", and that pings my BS-o-meter and makes me skeptical.
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