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HDMI Wire fried my PC and LCD

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January 15, 2012 8:45:25 PM

I had been using a 6' HDMI wire to watch movies from my Dell 570 to my 42" Vizio LCD but I needed a longer one so I bought a 15' HDMI wire from Walmart .com using site to store. I hooked it up like I had the six foot one (noticed that the new wire was much thinner and cheap looking com paired to the old wire.

Turned on the TV and then the PC and I heard a pop noise. Now neither my TV or PC will come on. All the companies fore mentioned are blaming the wire except the company that makes the wire. Everything is out of warranty and I am stuck without a PC or TV.

Can a HDMI do this? What do you think?

BTW: All my AC outlets were inspected in August and passed.

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a b x TV
January 16, 2012 11:59:13 AM

and are your outlets all surge protected?

where exactly did this pop noise originate from? look for burn damage...smell for burnt electronics.

current could go through any it cheap or not.

perhaps your power supply went on you and spiked your system, transferring some through your video card to your tv. its hard to say.

i doubt it has anything to do with the cable...but you could test to see if it works on another device, or have it tested at the walmart store instead to have it verified. if it works fine then its most likely a problem that was already going to cable or not.
January 16, 2012 7:50:07 PM

Thanks for the reply, people here seem to be very kind & helpful unlike the corporations I have tried dealing with concerning this matter.
First off yes I have surge protectors on nearly everything in my house especially any computers and televisions.

I took the wire to some experts today at a place here called Micro Center. First they said the same thing as you did, that it could not be the wire. But after they taking a close look at the wire the saw a burnt mark on the end and looked at the TV and the computer and neither of them have any burnt spots on them.

They passed it around to all their experts and then said that it was unusual that a HDMI wire could cause this but the wire could not be ruled out as the culprit. I was also told that the wire is most likely damaged now but the only way to find out if the wire had a defect prior to me installing it was to dissect it. So I think I will turn it over to the insurance company from here. 9If I can ever get through to them)