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Hello,i have an annoying sound problem, if im starring straight to the carachter who is talking, i cant hear her,but if i turnthe camera to the right or left i can hear him. almost like im deaff
from one hear. the same applies to gunshots and so
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  1. The question is a little confusing. by " almost like im deaff from one hear."
    do you mean you can still hear fine out of the ear toward the character, but the other ear is silent?
  2. sounds like either the original poster or the video game is missing a center channel.
    that missing center channel might be a physical need or a 3D sound processing need.

    if you have a left and right speaker.. pointing directly at the character means audio should come out of both speakers.
    but if you have the audio options set to 5.1 or 6.1 or 7.1
    then you might be losing the center channel because of the sound settings.

    the soundcard should play the center channel from the left and right speakers at the same time.
    but if you have the soundcard setup options wrong.. you might be losing the center channel because the soundcard is sending that audio to the output jack and there is no speaker connected.

    anyways.. its either the video game or your soundcard settings.
    if the audio options in the game and for the soundcard are correct.. then the game simply lacks proper 3D sound processing.
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